Purple Maize

Vintage Phaser

The Purple Maize is our take on a classic early 70’s analog phaser pedal. The Purple Maize benefits from have a matched quad set of MOSFET transistors to ensure you get the best possible phasing effect from the pedal. Each pedal is individual hand biased & set up to maximise the classic 70’s phasing effect.

The Purple Maize has 3 control pots, ‘Speed’ controls the speed/rate of the LFO, wave going from a slow wave all the way up to a choppy trem effect. ‘Depth’ controls the depth/amplitude of the modulation, the amount of phasing effect engaged. ‘React’ is a subtle tuning pot, it gives you the opportunity to change the vocal quality of the phasing tone going from a ‘Ohh sound to an Ahh’.
The Purple Maize is a versatile pedal that will take you from classic phaser through to univibe and brown-face style vibrato sounds with the ability to blend in with other effects such a delays, reverbs & even heavy fuzz or overdrive pedals such as the ‘Cornstar’ without losing its essence.

£110 + p&p

All pedals are handmade to order. Email us now at greencarrotpedals@outlook.com to enquire about your pedal now. For more info about ordering pedals or to read our warranty click here.


Purple Maize Demos and Reviews

The Purple Maize Phaser

November 15th, 2014

Hi folks, this week sees the official launch of the new ‘Purple Maize’ phaser pedal. Here’s a great demo by ‘JustNick’ showing you what a great pedal it is. Further updates & brand new page for the ‘Purple Maize’ later in the week.


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