Dirty Raddish

Clean Boost

The ‘Dirty Radish’ is a classic booster pedal with a quality buffer built in. It’s a versatile, toneful mosfet-based boost that adds just a touch of sparkle and colour. Great as an always-on tone sweetener, to drive an amp into delicious crunch or as a solo boost in front or behind fuzzes and distortions.

Andy Ghosh of ‘Turbowolf’ uses his to push the front end of his amp and says,

“It’s great for smashing an overdriven amp into harmonically-rich filth. Adds grit & sparkle to the top end while retaining all the hugeness of your lows.”

£95 + p&p

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Dirty Radish Demos and Reviews

Dirty Radish review by ‘JustNick’

July 28th, 2014

Nick Jaffe ‘JustNick’ shows off the Dirty Radish in this YouTube review.


Paul Glover Dirty Radish & Fuzzy Pickle review

July 28th, 2014

Paul Glover combines the Dirty Radish with the Fuzzy Pickle in a great demo review of both pedals.


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