Plexi in a box and more!

The ‘Cornstar’ started out as our take on the ‘amp in a box’ pedal. That amp being a Marshall Plexi. As the pedal took shape and was developed and tweaked, it became more than just a Plexi clone pedal & took on a whole character of its own, creating in our opinion a fantastic overdrive/distortion pedal.

Yes you can get a nice Marshall-esque sound from the Cornstar, going from a vintage pushed Plexi to a more aggressive modern sounding amp with more gain and bite. Some of our other supporters have likened it to a driven ‘Cornford’, ‘Vox’ or ‘Tweed’. We just think it’s a great sounding pedal.

We’ve added a vintage switch to flip between the two sides of the pedals character. It also adds, what we like to think of as a bit more depth to the available tone pallet.

The gain on the Cornstar starts right from zero. The gain will increase very very subtly until it reaches 2 O’clock when it starts to really open up. Don’t worry, it was purposely designed to work that way to keep the gain very focused & tight. Your Cornstar is working exactly how it should. The tone control on the Cornstar is also subtle but very usable & can help stave off ’option paralysis’ by allowing you to plug in & play without spending all day twiddling with setting. Who wants to do that?

£100 + p&p

All pedals are handmade to order. Email us now at to enquire about your pedal now. For more info about ordering pedals or to read our warranty click here.


Cornstar Demos and Reviews

Bea from the band Dorje reviews the Cornstar in a pedal shoot out

August 30th, 2014

Rabea Massaad a highly talented young guitarist from the band Dorje, has included our Cornstar pedal in a shootout demo on his youtube channel. Bea to his friends, has the Cornstar plugged into a Marshall JVM & is playing a really nice PRS custom 24. We appreciate the support shown by Bea to small pedal companies & fully agree with his sentiments about us giving you, the customers, that extra little bit of care & consideration when building our pedals. Each one is lovingly hand build by ourselves & not produced in some faceless factory. Enjoy.

Nick Jaffe Cornstar demo

July 28th, 2014

Nick Jaffe of ‘JustNick’ youtube fame has done a fantstic review of the Cornstar. Nick goes in to great depth & explores the Cornstars’ capabilities.

Paul Glover Cornstar demo

July 28th, 2014

Paul Glover has done an honest review of the Cornstar


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