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Green Carrot Pedals is a small guitar pedal company based in Wakefield, UK. We’re mad about guitar music and particularly bass and guitar effects. Because we love guitar overdrives and fuzzes so much we are continually researching and developing our circuits and components, production methods, graphics and pedal finishes.

Green Carrot Pedals are hand-crafted and built to order so every pedal is unique and has that extra bit of care put into it. You can order a pedal by contacting Andy via email at Andy is always available at then end of an email to help with any queries or questions so do get in touch.

We very much appreciate your support at Green Carrot Pedals and look forward to you sending us your feedback & comments on our pedals as well as videos of you playing our pedals in the near future. Please feel free to contact us via our email, Twitter or Facebook.


What's happening in the world of Green Carrot Pedals...

Pumpkin Pi demo

January 14th, 2015

A great demo of the Pumpkin Pi by our friend Mr Paul Glover. Be warned its not for the faint hearted  as there’s some pretty brutal tone shenanigans & dirty riffs going down.

The Purple Maize Phaser

November 15th, 2014

Hi folks, this week sees the official launch of the new ‘Purple Maize’ phaser pedal. Here’s a great demo by ‘JustNick’ showing you what a great pedal it is. Further updates & brand new page for the ‘Purple Maize’ later in the week.

Pedals, pedals, pedals.

August 30th, 2014

Well, I’ve been working on some new ideas pedals again & hopefully one of these will be available to the public in the near future. We’ve taken a slight change of direction on this one, moving away from our usual dirt pedals & into the world of modulation. Early tests show that its a winner & a nice bonus is that you can get two effects out of one pedal. We’re really keen to get this pedal out to you as soon as possible but as with all good things we need to make sure it’s right & proper for you all. More details to folllloooowwwW.

Bea from the band Dorje reviews the Cornstar in a pedal shoot out

August 30th, 2014

Rabea Massaad a highly talented young guitarist from the band Dorje, has included our Cornstar pedal in a shootout demo on his youtube channel. Bea to his friends, has the Cornstar plugged into a Marshall JVM & is playing a really nice PRS custom 24. We appreciate the support shown by Bea to small pedal companies & fully agree with his sentiments about us giving you, the customers, that extra little bit of care & consideration when building our pedals. Each one is lovingly hand build by ourselves & not produced in some faceless factory. Enjoy.

Pedal frustration.

August 18th, 2014

When you’re working on a new pedal or rejigging a design, the amount of brick walls & frustration you hit can be really hard to overcome. I’ve left pedals & designs alone for weeks having hit a block & then come back at them with fresh eyes. You can get everything spot on on paper but in practice something just isn’t right & it can drive you crackers. Well, I’m currently at this point with a pedal design. I’ve rejigged a tone stack (tone control) half a dozen times without getting the exact results I’m looking for. Who said pedal building was easy? Back to the drawing board & more hours of frustration.


August 13th, 2014

Over on Facebook, GCP is nearing the magic 500 likes.  As soon as we hit this, I’ve decided that we should have a little give away so if you haven’t already given us a like, what you playing at? It could be you getting an early Christmas present!

GCP artists

August 13th, 2014

Sophie McDonnell and Stuart Allen are two talented local musicians who have been with us from day one. Sophie & Stuart are bases in York and play with ‘The Blueprints‘ and ‘Freak + Geeks‘. Both groups have a large local following & can be found gigging regularly in the Leeds & York areas.

Stuart favours using the ‘Dirty Radish‘ on his board and is quoted as saying:

My Dirty Radish is ALWAYS on, it makes my rig sound how I want it to sound. Big, full, bright and everything in between. Its a keeper.

Sophie uses the Pumpkin Pi and the Fuzzy Pickle on her board to get some deep down dirty fuzzy loving tone playing her baritone guitar in Freak + Geeks

copyright John Illingwoth @ John Illingworth Photography


copy right Mike Powell @Glossy Onions Photography

FnG FnG2 FnG3


August 10th, 2014

Can’t say too much but a  famous local (Wakefield) bands’ guitarist is checking out the Cornstar in their studio. He tweeted on his feed ‘got it here demoing, can get pretty nasty! Cool I dig’.  Sounds like someone is having a good time.



New Pedal Testing

August 10th, 2014

Well, today was band practice so I took a new pedal I’ve been working on for a while with me to see how it performed.  I have to say it went very well & everyone was most impressed, which if you knew the rest of the band, would impress you! It now off to the testing team for some vigorous usage, being abused more like but hopefully it will stand up to testing & then I can think about a launch date. Here’s a taster picture, what do you think it is?


GCP pedal

‘The Allotment’

August 7th, 2014

Welcome to the ‘Allotment’  a place where i will wistfully ramble about life, the Universe, pedals & shizzle.  I hope to make these little ramblings every few weeks with the intention  to keep you all update on things that are happening in the lovely world of Green Carrot Pedals.

It might be a video thats taken my fancy, a story I’ve heard or even just a rant about the weather in the veg patch. Who knows what delights are in store for us, so strap in & hold on tight, it might be a bumpy ride.



Pumpkin Pi demo by Dr K

July 28th, 2014

Dr K  gives the Pumpki Pi a  good seeing too in this demo.

The Pumpkin Pi demo

July 28th, 2014

‘JustNick’ explores the Pumpkin Pi in this great demo.


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